The Ups and Downs of Austin Living and Eating

So being in Austin, Texas has had many ups and downs. Definitely one of the downsides, particularly right now as we speak, is the crazy, triple digit weather we’ve been having for the last 70 long, miserable days.  There are no words to describe my misery and there seems to be no end in sight as Hurricane Irene won’t even come our way to relieve this heat! Austin is, at least until the start of this crazy weather, it was, a very beautiful place. Surprisingly, it’s not the tumbleweeds and flat lands out of the Westerns that I imagined it to be. It’s hilly, beautifully green, there’s usually water everywhere and the lakes are just gorgeous. When we first got here last August, I thought I had stepped back to Costa Rica. And Hamilton Pool… it was breath taking (The pictures are from my iPhone, just to give you an idea). It’s something I would have imagined was more Mexico or South America. But it’s here in Austin, Texas. Who knew?

One of the other perks is that there are so many different activities for the two kids to do here. Our 12 year-old daughter is in rowing with the Austin Rowing Club and our 10 year-old son is able to pursue his passion, motocross. The best part is that it is all very affordable not to mention physically close. We don’t have to drive hours away so that they can participate in these obscure activities, which are not the standard sports that Asian-y kids normally do. No violin lessons, no golf, no basketball or football for these kids, nooooo… (And did I mention that it was close?) So it’s been really fun.

The down side is the food. Oh boy do we miss the food. *moan* Though we can get some of our favorite comfort foods, like rice cakes, mochi, Chinese pork buns or even Korean Wang Man-Doo (왕만두), it’s just not the same. And you can just forget about a good bowl of any of our favorite noodles like udon or ramen or neng-myun ( 냉면). Oh, Lordy do we miss those. So out of necessity, I’ve been forced to make some of these from scratch, at home. Not surprisingly, these have turned out better than what I remember picking up at the markets or eating at a café/deli back home in LA. Some things I would still rather have the luxury of eating at a restaurant or deli, but out of necessity, I may have to start making these at home as well.

The other thing about food in general, is that 9 times out of 10, it’s always healthier to eat a home version than a restaurant/packaged version anyway. Over the last year, we’ve acquired a taste for a Texas institution called a Kolache. I decided to try my hand at one of these and my god they’re so tasty! Literally, I couldn’t stop eating, not to toot my own horn or anything!

I have recipes for everything I’ve made so those will follow. I have pictures of the end products and hopefully soon I’ll have step-by-step pictures to accompany the recipes as well. I just got a new camera, so cross your fingers! So that’s in the works. For the time being, I’ll post up the recipes and just go from there.


About needlestiks n chopstiks

I love to crochet and knit and I love photography and though I don't love cooking quite as much as the other three, I certainly do a whole lot more of it than the three combined! As far as cooking goes, I care hugely about what I'm feeding my family and that it's healthy, fresh and appealing to all the senses particularly to the eyes since that's half of eating! View all posts by needlestiks n chopstiks

3 responses to “The Ups and Downs of Austin Living and Eating

  • Esther

    Hello my journalist! I enjoyed your writing, my friend.
    Austin has gained an awesome family and I, have, “lost” a friend to TX. *sigh* Why does this country have to be so big????

  • James

    Nice blog Susan. Although it’s been out of necessity, I’m glad you’ve discovered your inner chef. Sounds like Austin can use a good Korean restaurant. hint

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