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Our Pets


my two lovely ladies, Alice and Olivia

I love animals and I love watching animal videos on YouTube. Both my daughter and son are the same way. My husband on the other hand, is not an animal lover and does not care for the cute animal vids at all. So the three of us will snicker and giggle and then, overwhelmed with curiosity, he deigns to look over, only to find us crowded over my iPhone over another animal vid. Hahaha.

What’s funnier about this is that somehow we got this man to agree to letting us have not one but TWO dogs! Admittedly, before we got Alice and Olivia, we had our Choochie (AKA Akuma) a sweet, adorable yet feisty Malti-Poo who had died and left a huge and gaping hole in our hearts, even in the heart of the one non-lover. Even my husband was won over by that little guy.

Six months after his death, somehow we ended up with two puppies. Two, little puppies, I thought I was crazy but our 70ish neighbor didn’t want the two split up. They were sisters and he insisted they stay together. And the kids, they really needed the dogs, something to love that would love them back.

When my son was very young, he was deathly afraid of dogs. In my opinion, a child should never be that afraid of animals. So I started working on my husband when my son was about two about the need to have a dog and when he turned eight, we finally got our Choochinator (AKA Choochie, AKA Akuma -he was only six pounds, by the way). That was a huge stepping stone for our son. He quickly got over his fear of dogs and now, he is crazy for any kind of dog/animal just like his mom and sister.

So now it’s been about a year and a half since we got the two girls and we are all, and by all I mean all four of us, in love with the girls. Alice is the feisty runner, and Olivia is the obedient, bundle of nerves and I would not have it any other way.


My Mental Korean Dramas

I’ve always known I was a little egocentric, but the other day, I surprised even myself.  They all say that there can only be one Queen in the house and if there’s another girl in that said house, there’s gonna be a fight for first, and let me tell you right now, it’s true.  I really do try to be a good mother to both my daughter and son, but it’s so hard!  And not in the way you’re thinking either!  The girl is a ‘tween…  need I say more?  I’m soooo annoyed even now, just thinking about it!  LOL!  I really shouldn’t be because she’s Just-Like-Me, but that’s exactly why I think I’m so annoyed!!  But that’s just a little theory I have about my “condition”.

So here’s the story…  We were all at my cousin’s house after dinner when as soon as our asses touched down around the coffee table, she (my daughter) just started in on an endless stream of chatter about nothing in particular (in my very supreme opinion, that is) and would not shut up nor would she stop hogging center stage!  I seriously could not get two words in before she’d cut me off mid-breath and start again!  Oh… My… God, that got my blood pumpin’ hard!  I started getting annoyed and began to give her my “death ray” expression hoping that would silence the non-stop chatter but NO, she noted, then Ignored my look and kept right on going, totally undeterred!  (I think I may need to work on Laser Eyes instead, I may have heard that it works better…)  My mental conversation to myself conducted in a high-pitched, highly offended tone was, “But I’m Queen Bee, and I’m always Queen Bee where ever I go!!!  What the hell is going on?  I’m so confused!  Why the hell is she not shuttin’ up?  I have such interesting things to say and this girl is not letting me say all those witty little tid-bits I have to bestow on my public’s listening ears!!!”  I was getting more and more frustrated when I forced myself to get a grip and take a mental step back.  I had to laugh, I was competing with my own daughter for the spotlight!  Oh geez…  I’m trying sooo hard to hang on to my position as Queen F’ing Bee but I think soon, it may be ripped forcefully from my Aged Hands.  Why can’t I just be asked to Gracefully hand over the scepter?  I’m thinking I may have to make some plans to oust the Junior Just-Like-Me Bee…  hehe…he…he…  No, really, I might just have to do that….  ^^ !

Parenting and the J-O-B

Parenting is such a difficult thing.  I’m sitting here with a glass of wine, to take the edge off my day, thinking about my future and subsequently about the years that have brought me here today.  I’ve been married now for 13 years and have two kids, 12 and 10.  Crazy, I know.  Until just recently, I was exclusively a stay-at-home mom.  In the past, if I ever had a job, it was always one that I could do at home.  But times are different now and I know you can relate.  I recently moved to Austin, Texas from Los Angeles and though it was a good move for us as a family, my husband also recently graduated from the USC MBA program and things have been tough ever since, particularly since the student loans kicked in, which in one case was right away!  My God they want our money!

 The reason I write today is because a month after we moved here to Austin, I got a job because of those pesky student loans.  I got lucky and found a job at a local law firm and all was good until the recent holidays hit.  My parenting style, up until recently, was to always be physically and emotionally available to my kids and as a result I was incredibly depressed that I couldn’t spend the winter holidays with them as I had in the past.   My husband ended up working from home during that time (thank goodness that at least he had that option).  This was when I realized as a parent, that I wanted to somehow find a way to work from home again.  This blog is about the journey that’s brought me here and the new one I’m starting.  I hope that you will follow me and all my musings!

I’m really excited because I feel the world is at my fingertips and I can’t wait to share it with you.


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